Affiliate Program

Become a Tapdesk Affiliate and recieve commissions for each Tapdesk sale you drive

Becoming an affiliate partner with Tapdesk is one way to grow your revenue while providing your audience a great tool to grow their business to a massive scale. It's a win-win for you and your audience.

Affiliate Benefits

There is a lot of advantages that our affiliate program has to offer you. Simply add your affiliate link to your contents, or reach out personally to your audience.

  • Earn
    Earn recurring revenue per purchase for 5 months

    As an affiliate, you will be sure that you will earn revenue every month for the first five months that your qualified sale maintains an active subscription with Tapdesk. There is no limit on the amount of money you can earn any given month. The more deals you close, the more you earn.

  • Variable
    Your earnings are not fixed. It’s dependent on the sale volume

    Most affiliate programs pays you a fixed amount of commission regardless of the volume of sale you worked hard to secure. For us, it’s different. We pay a percentage of the total sale volume. You get a huge reward for a huge deal.

  • Affiliate
    Tools you need to stay on track and be the best partner.

    Tapdesk Affiliate Program comes with an affiliate portal that gives you tools to succeed. You can track your earnings, conversions, and commissions. Easily access your affiliate link from your portal. It gives you an overview of your earnings along with tools to request commission payouts any time. Your transaction histories are also stored in your portal and you can make changes to your affiliate account directly from the portal.

  • More
    Access insider benefits and get more rewards

    Get a free monthly access to Tapdesk everytime you close a qualified sale. To put it in perspective, you get 1 full year of access when you close just 12 deals in a year. You also have insider access with a huge opportunity to drive changes at Tapdesk. Our affliates also get free perks shipped to them when they are available, including special Tapdesk branded swags.

Affiliate Commissions

We pay a variable commission for every qualified sale you make directly or through your unique affiliate link. Your commission is a percentage of the total subscription value of the qualified sale. Qualified sales can come from users you sign up using your referal link or user who you directly refer to Tapdesk. Commission are paid every month with varying percentages for the first 5 months provided that the user maintains an active subscription. Below is a breakdown of the monthly percentages you will earn per qualified sale for five months:


of first monthly subscription of the account


of second monthly subscription of the account


of third monthly subscription of the account


of fourth monthly subscription of the account


of fifth monthly subscription of the account


Here is an example, suppose you closed a qualified deal worth $1000, you will receive a commission of $250 (25%) for the first month, $200 (20%) for the second month, $150 (15%) for the third month, $100 (10%) for the fourth month, and $50 (5%) for the fifth month, provided the account owner maintains a consistent monthly active Tapdesk subscription. This will be a total $750 in earned commissions.

Becoming a Tapdesk Affiliate

Applying and getting approved for an affiliate partnership with Tapdesk takes three easy hassle-free steps. It's all online and no need for papers. Your application saves trees and our planet too.


Apply online

Fill out the affiliate program application form. Our affiliate team will review it. And if you are a match, you will recieve an approval email within 3-5 business days.


Setup account

Once approved, setup your affiliant account to get access to the affiliate portal. During this process, you will accept the affiliate agreement and provide your payout bank details.


Start earning

You will see your affiliate link in your portal after your setup. You are now part of the most rewarding affiliate program. It’s time to start earning.

Have any questions?

You can contact our affiliates team by emailing affiliates@tapdesk.io